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Today marks three full weeks since I last logged in to Twitter. About a month ago, I - for the second time - deleted my Facebook account, mainly because it is a really shitty global citizen, and while it was a good way to find and commiserate with fellow RC enthusiasts, the toxicity of the feed and the people on there are segregated into insular tribes, that do little more than hurl insults at each other.

But Twitter was always a bit better of an experience. Not entirely without friction, and hateful shitposting (hell, I have done my share of shitposting) it remained a bit more useful. At least I justified it to myself with those rationalizations.

That was not the explicit reason why I logged out. I really had found myself addicted to Twitter. Finding myself pretty much constantly logged in, checking, refreshing my feed, doom scrolling.

It has been three weeks, and I have adapted. I will keep away from Twitter. That said, unlike Facebook, where I took the extreme step of deleting my profile, for Twitter, I will keep my accounts alive. I have two, one personal, and one tied to my professional blog. Alas, I have tools that autopost when I drop new content, and that seems like a good reason to keep my twitter accounts active.

However, without the Twitter app on my phone, and with it logged out of all three of my main computers, there is just enough friction that will keep me from dropping back into it.

Then today, I stumbled across this article by Caitlin Flannagan, You Really Need to Quit Twitter, and I found myself nodding. While my job is not inextricably tied to Twitter (online journalism) I do not have the tug of FOMO that many will.

I will continue on my hiatus. After 4 or 5 months, I suspect that I will be able to stay away from it forever.


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