The home of Sweaty Spice, the 'other' Spice Girl

Welcome to Sweaty's corner. Why "Sweaty"? Why not. However, it was my gamer tag that I, Geoff Anderson, played FPS games throughout the 1990s, and when Quake II was released, I adopted the persona of a fictional 6th Spice Girl. This was born out of a team Halloween costume dress up where 5 of us all donned dresses, pumps, and wigs to be "The Spice Girls". I was "Sweaty Spice", and I lived that life online gaming.

But this isn't a blog about games, or gaming. Instead it is a place for me to just write about anything that I want. There will be some musing around cycling, motorsports, hobbies, politics, and whatever else catches my fancy.

The back end

Like most of my web properties (Tralfaz, Greytbros, Words by Barbara, The Product Bistro) it is camped out on a Digital Ocean droplet.

It is running on an instance of the Ghost content management system. Most of my other properties are Wordpress based, and while it works well, and has boatloads of add ons and flexible functionalities that make it very popular, I just prefer writing in Ghost.

I have used Ghost off and on since 2014 shortly after it was released, and it has come a long way since then, and it has grown on me.

Contact Information

I will probably not have a contact page here, but if you want to give me some feedback, you can send it to my personal email,

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