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Another entry into the saga of returning to the Windows fold: Keyboards.

One thing that I have become entirely too comfortable with are the keyboards on Mac laptops, and external as well. The laptop style keys, little motion, slight clicky sound, and (at least on my 2015 vintage Mac Book Pro) enough motion to be positive feedback (the keyboard on my work laptop, circa 2019 is the butterfly switch variety that really sucks) and pretty good typing performance.

I ended up buying a Corsair mechanical keyboard and one of their Ironclaw mice. First, the keyboard.

The Keyboard

I will admit that the last mechanical keyboard I had used was from the 1990s. I have no clue what it was, but it was PS2 with a USB adapter, and it was solid. I chose this on a lark, it wasn't that cheap, but it was quite a bit less than the Magic Keyboard that I use daily for work.

The key presses take more motion, and that is requiring an adjustment in my typing style, and technique. Not a huge deal, but I seem to hit the right shift and ctrl keys typing a capital 'I' that annoyingly brings up the browser inspection panel (this happens remarkably too often).

I bought a keyboard that doesn't have the 10 key numeric pad on the right side. I do not do much entry of numerical data so it isn't too much of a loss, but the muscle memory expects it to be there.

An adjustment.

It has RGB LED's, and there is a utility to control it, weird and fun. I am experimenting, and usually have it doing a rainbow wave automation. One thing I think I will do is to disable the right CTRL key, as the utility will allow that quite easily, and I will be a bit less frustrated until I learn to not let my right hand accidentally press the right control key during normal typing.

I am adapting. It is more than the juxtaposition of the Apple command key and the windows key, that requires some concentration.

It is loud though. I know that is one of the features of the keyboard, and I am growing to like it.

The Mouse

The mouse is different. I have been using a magic track pad for the Mac for a long time, but mousing skills remain in my forebrain.

The Corsair Ironclaw mouse is highly configurable. There are 4 assignable buttons, the two on the top allow you to switch between multiple configurations. The iCUE software allows you to tweak the settings. Think of it as several acceleration curves that you can swap on the fly. One for moving large areas on your screen, one for normal use, and one for fine work (think doing fiddly things in Photoshop).

I am still getting used to the mouse, but it is becoming second nature quickly.

Final Thoughts

As I dive into the deep end on Windows again, I am re-learning some things that have lain dormant for a long time. It is coming back quickly, and many of my older grumbles with Windows are now moot.

And, I will have to admit that Edge is easier to work with than Safari, but that is a for a dedicated post.

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