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By and large, I will say that I like Windows 11. It is a nice visual and usability upgrade from Windows 10, and in general, it is about as usable as MacOS. That is, it works, it is reliable, it is consistent, and it doesn't get (too much) in the way.

But I was hoping that Microsoft would more fully revamp some of the throwbacks to earlier eras. Nowhere is this more evident than in the system configuration items. Granted, they are not things that most users will see or spend any real time in, like the Device Manager control panel...

I mean, seriously, that is so 1990's that AOL is offended. But you could excuse it because unless someone plugs in something that isn't picked up and Windows installs drivers for automatically, they would likely never see it. And frankly, that is pretty rare these days unless you have a lot of old shit, like I do.

Sure, IT support staff will drop into it and deal with it, but who gives a fuck about aesthetics for them.

However, today, I went to print a score from my Guiter-Pro application (because, sometimes it is nice to have the music in paper, on a stand instead of on screen), and I got this fucking gem...

If you are a Mac person, this would likely not bother you, because, eh, it is just to print a document. But this is so Windows 95 or Win2K like, so pre Windows XP, so ancient that it boggles the fucking mind that Microsoft hasn't spruced it up.

Sure, it is functional. Sure it does the job. But you are shitting me if you think this is acceptable for a modern operating system, the leading edge of Microsoft's consumer desktop.

Unlike control panels where most people rarely - if ever - muck around, printing is something that people do use, and use often.

Do better Microsoft. Go home, you're drunk. And fix this shit. Seriously.

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