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When the bonus dropped this year, I needed a new monitor, and I wanted somthing a little bigger than the 27" 2K display I had for my gaming system.

The Asus TUF Gaming 32" 1440p curved display was the purchase. I will admit that the idea of a curved display sounded weird, and gimmicky, but it was a reasonable priced, well rated monitor, and I pulled the trigger on it.

Three months on, I am happy to report that I love the display. Sure, I could have found a similar sized 4K display for a few bucks more, but honestly, my eyesight is kinda crappy, and the 2k resolution is really all I need.

I worried that the curved display would just be weird. Turns out that I shouldn't have had any concern. The reality is that I sit about 30" from the monitor, and the curvature is perfect for my vision.

The display is crisp, the refresh is up to 144Hz (and most games I play are rock solid at 60Hz) the colors are great, and I really have no quibbles.

Well, one. There is no height adjustment, the stand is fixed. But that isn't really an issue. It is perfectly leveled on my desk, and I have yet to want to adjust it.

If you are looking for a good monitor, at a reasonable price, I can recommend this one highly.

Asus VG32VQ1B, QHD, 165Hz refresh with Freesync.

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