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To catch you up, in early August I splurged and bought a Ghost Canyon Intel NUC, with the i9 and a ton of memory and storage. I wanted to get back into PC's and gaming. I bought one of the few available GPUs that fits is, an Asus Dual Mini 1650 board. An older tech, yet quite capable decent card.

The card was defective. One of the fans (the right fan) spun at full speed whenever it was powered on.

Instead of returning the card to the vendor, suspecting that tight supplies may mean that I couldn't get a replacement in a timely fashion, I ventured into Asus support. It was brand new, it was clearly defective, and they are a major brand, one I have bought many components from in the past.

The initial report was shortly after I received the card, on August 19. And the back and forth, the number of times I provided the detailed system configuration information, the number of times I followed their troubleshooting advice, the two or three directions to remove and reinstall the drivers, and the last one, where they recommended that I reinstall Windows (which I did. I have to say media on a USB3 memory stick and fast NVMe drives make that super fast) and I even tried the upgrade to Windows 11.

During this lengthy dance with support, I got rather adept at installing and uninstalling the board. The NUC is a tight fit, but very well designed and thoughtfully laid out.  

All to no avail. This process took a full two months. Finally, an RMA was issued, and I shipped it to their service center.

I honestly anticipated it to take them 2-3 weeks to diagnose, and get to my repair/replacement.

But I was surprised. 3 days after it was received by them, it (either repaired or replaced) is on the way back to me. By the middle of next week I should be up and running.

Still, this took far too long to get to this point. An embarrassing display of their lower level support technicians, but if it arrives and functions well, I will bury the hatchet and continue to be a fan.

Some people agreed with my last post, and recommended MSI in the future. As I said up front, I have long relied on Asus motherboards when I was chasing the ever elusive First Person Shooter nirvana in the late 1990's and early aught's.

I hope my next post will be a raving review of the 25th anniversary update to the first true 3D FPS, Quake that was launched a month or so ago. It runs on the Intel 630HD built in graphics, but not well.

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