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My last visit to the dentist was the time for a full set of x-rays (can I tell you how much I love the film-less x-rays? What cool tech!) and alas, the films showed evidence of resorption. There had been some minor visual evidence in one of the teeth for a while, but now its neighbor has it, and it is worsening.

In short it is the erosion of the tooth caused by it being attacked, and it is not really reversible.

Now is the time where I tell you that there are two types (I learnt this today from the Endodontologist that I was referred to) internal, where the root attacks the tooth from the inside out, and external, where osteoblasts (that sounds icky) attack the tooth from without.

Ironically, the better prognosis is the internal resorption, because a simple root canal will halt it, and as long as the enamel is healthy, you live on in bliss.

The external resorption is less good. There is no way to halt it, and eventually the teeth will need to be extracted, and either bridgework, or implants to replace them.

That is my fate. Some day.

The uncertainty is that resorption can go dormant, and then reactivate, then go dormant. All this is fine until either there is evidence of infection (lesions around the teeth in the gums), or they become hypersensitive to hot/cold, or the teeth just become painful. Today, I have none of these symptoms, but the endo didn't give me much hope for how long the status quo will last. Weeks, Months, Years, but ultimately, the end result is preordained.

So, I guess it is good that I didn't get a pair of root canals yesterday, but now I am thinking that I would have far preferred that to the ambiguity of my oral future.


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