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A few weeks ago, I drove down to San Diego for my father's 89th birthday. Alas, he is in a care facility, deep into late stage Alzheimer's and didn't really recognize me. But it was good to be there for my soul.

The bad news is that I was drafted by my brother to host a Pizza party for lunch, and to help facilitate this, I brought my pizza stone, and some other goodies to help mass produce enough pizza to feed everybody (two times over it seems).

Alas, my stone was too hot to remove from the oven to take back with me on the next day when I left early to drive home. Sure, I will likely go back sometime in the future and can pick it up. But that would mean probably 5 or 6 months of not making Pizza.


So, time for a new stone, or is it?

I have a 16" round baking steel for my Kamado and it bakes fabulous charcoal fired pizza. But it is a chore to get the grill up to temp for a single or "maybe" two pizzas. So, I wanted to get a replacement for my oven, and what a perfect time to buy a baking steel.

I ordered one up. It is more expensive than a stone, but the 1/4" thick steel plate cooks pizza and bread better than a stone. And it is virtually indestructible.

A little splurge that I would never have done had I not left my stone in San Diego.

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