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In 2018, after the Cambridge Analytica Scandal came to light, followed soon after with a scandal where Facebook gave handset hardware makers access to user data, I decided to quit Facebook completely. Alas, at the time they made it somewhat difficult to exit completely, but after jumping through a lot of hoops, I was able to completely delete my account (I am not naive enough to believe that they really deleted all my data, pictures and tracking information. They are too fucking evil for that)

But at that time, I also knew that Facebook tracks you everywhere you go, and almost everything you do online, so to really cut them off takes drastic effort.

Today, as I contemplate deleting my last Social Media presence, Twitter, I was writing a post for my professional blog/newsletter, The Product Bistro I wanted to be sure that I had the correct entries in the host file to prevent me from using muscle memory to go to Twitter.

I found that in the past, I had taken the extreme effort to block facebook, and this block is in my hosts file:

a picture of the beginning of a complete shutdown of all facebook tracking on your computer
The start of the blocking of all facebook in my hosts file

(it goes on for about 920 more domains, yes, Facebook is fucking everywhere).

But this prevents them from tracking me when I browse, and that is worth it to me.

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