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Another quick post on the guitar realm today.

When you first begin playing, you probably had a poorly setup guitar, that was not the best to begin with (at least in the early 1980's when I did) and you learned a few simple chords, and a scale or two, and told to practice for an hour each day.

Those first days were brutal. Your hand cramped as you kept fingering those couple of chords, and your fingertips felt like they were bleeding. The pressure you have to put on the strings, especially when you are starting out, and are to a degree ham-fisted, on the tips of the fingers, where there are lots of nerves causes intense pain.

But as you exercise, and through repetition of effort, your finger tips build up callouses, and in a few weeks you no longer dread picking up the guitar, and play. (also, you begin to learn a few more chords, and a song or two that keeps you motivated)

I went through this way back, but as I mentioned I had become a far less frequent player, due mainly to work and other time pressures.

Yesterday evening, as I was in the living room watching some mindless TV, I had my guitar in my hand, and I was playing. Suddenly, I realized that I had developed callouses, and it was much easier to play, and far more enjoyable.

Add to that, more and more of my old riffs, licks, and dexterity is returning, leading to an increased joy in playing.

Life is good.

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