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In late 2019, I traded in my Honda S2000 for an Acura RDX. I had realized that while I loved the S2000, I had become too old to comfortably pretzel myself into the driver's seat.

Of course, shortly thereafter Covid struck, and my need to drive reduced exponentially, with the Acura being in the garage most of the time. Thus, in two and a half years, I have a little over 12K miles on the odometer.

But I am religious about following the maintenance minder in the gear cluster. Regardless of miles, the oil gets changed every year, and this time it was the turn of the recommended brake fluid change, and replacement of the rear differential fluid.

Off to the dealer, and surprisingly, it was a lot less than I feared.

But that isn't the reason why I am posting. I glanced at the "car lot" side of the business, and I was stunned. There was virtually NO inventory of new vehicles. There were two on display inside, but on the outside, it was a rag-tag collection of used cars.

The shortage of new cars is no joke.

Coda: My low mileage 2020 model year RDX would fetch me about 80% of what I paid for it from the dealer. They have so many people looking for cars, that they could flip it and make a good profit.


And no, I am not selling

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