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I guess you can just call me a Catalinbread fanboy. I discovered their effects pedals on a lark, and I have become a huge fan.

Earlier this year, they released a phaser pedal they call "Many Worlds", and while I was tempted, I just didn't have $200 burning a hole in my pocket.

Then I got the dreaded email. For the 4th of July, they were having a "flash" sale of their "B-Stock" pedals, where you could save a ton of money.

Naturally, I opened the link, and they have a pretty solid collection of stock in the B-Stock tab. What did I see? The Many Worlds pedal?

You know that I clicked the buy button so damn fast my head spun. I would pay $144 for this.

3 days later, it arrives with the US Mail delivery (super fast FREE shipping), and I interrupt my work day to unbox it.

A side note: the B-stock supposedly have blemishes that trigger their QA team to reject a pedal.

Since it is going to get velcro'd to a pedal board, I really couldn't give a rat's ass about blemishes. But, as with the first B-Stock pedal I bought, there is the tiniest of finish flaw. So small you can barely see it on this picture:

Yeah, it is the tiny ding dead center in the pic. Totally worth $60 off if you ask me.

Plugged it in (it replaced my MXR Chorus on my tiny pedal board) and started playing with it. Really cool effects, and I love the envelope/oscillator combos, as well as the different waveforms.

Tons of coolness, and I will have countless hours of fiddling with this new cool toy.

The Downside

To this pedal, there are none. But, it is official, I need MOAR space on my pedal board, as I can only comfortably fit 4, or 5 if I cram them together on the cheapy I have.

I guess, I will look at something better, and probably a Voodoo Labs power supply.

I never thought that this would be an economical hobby...

Final thoughts

As I mentioned to open, I have become a total Catalinbread fan. They are made in America, in their Oregon facility, they are well built, solid pedals, with outstanding tone and sounds. I just plain can't say enough good things about them.

Sure, I could have bought a $600 Line6 Helix and programmed just about all these same sounds and signal chains, but what is the fun of that?

If you are on the fence about ordering anything from them, don't hesitate, just DO IT!

And, if you get the email that they have B-Stock available, DO NOT DELAY. 3 days and the entire B-Stock selection is sold. People jump on them.

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