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Different post today. If there was one fruit that I could never give up, it is bing or queen anne cherries. I like to think that I am a connoisseur of cherries, but that might be too strong a word. Aficionado is more apt.

I just enjoy them. They begin appearing in the produce area of my local grocers in early to mid May, and the season runs until late July. In that time, I will often eat three pounds a week. Many of them are grown near by in California, and I will make a couple of pilgrimages to farm stands to buy my fix, but mostly, the local grocers have good supply, and plenty of succulent, juicy, with just the right balance of tart ripe cherries that I crave.

Then, there is this year. Here in California, we are in deep drought, so the late winter and spring rains that are crucial to the quality of cherries were a lot less n usual. Early in the season, I hopefully bought several satchels of cherries, and was completely disappointed in their quality. They were under-ripe, and in general "blah".

I persisted through most of the month of May, even taking a day excursion to check out the farmers' stands, and I was unimpressed.

The second wave comes in June and July, mostly imported from the Pacific Northwest, these are often the juiciest of the season. Alas, this year, a combination of drought, and extreme heat has nuked their output and quality. The cherries I sampled were again a major disappointment.

Alas, this year, the cherries are a bust. And that makes me very sad.

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