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A show that I have watched in the past, but am streaming again is Death in Paradise. It is a British detective show, based on the fictional island in the French Caribbean called Saint Marie.

I understand that it’s original intent was to provide British people with an escape from the dreary, cold and rainy environment that is England.

As a detective show, it is so-so. But that isn’t the point. It is an hour of escape fiction filmed in a tropical paradise.

Each episode starts with a murder. And the local police led by the imported DI (Detective Inspector) from London who arrives to investigate his predecessor, who was the first murder victim.

His Detective Sergeant, for the first two seasons played by the incomparable Sara Martins, a delightful actress who is both talented, and stunningly gorgeous.

It is lightweight, fun, like eating popcorn.

Later seasons, the original DI is replaced, and the DS is replaced with another scrumptious local DS.

The formula is simple, effective, and fun.

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