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So, I am going to make an admission. I never really got into Comic books as a kid. Sure, I had a few given to me, and I probably even bought a couple, but it never became a passion for me.

I know a lot of people I grew up with that were and are huge fans. Collectors, enthusiasts, going to conferences, trading. All of that. Many of them are also huge fans of the MCU and DC adaptation movies that are all the rage.

I just can't get into either of them. Not that I haven't tried. When  I first bought an iPad (circa 2011) I had a Comixology account, to experience graphic novels. I bought a few, and then drifted away. When Valerian came out, I knew it was based on a French comics series, so I grabbed a couple of them.


I suspect it is because I just scan to the verbalizations in the text bubbles, and just don't get deeply into the art. And that is sad, because it is clear that very talented artists do amazing amounts of work to create the images.

And about the MCU? I am guessing that because I really didn't pick up the comic book bug as a kid, I have no connection to the characters, and thus, when I hear "The Avengers" I think:

instead of:

So sue me.

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