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As part of my straddling the Mac/PC world, I bought an Intel Ghost Canyon NUC, and with it a (way overpriced) GPU, an ASUS branded Nvidia 1650 GTX card. It is one of a very small subset of GPUs that will a) fit in the case, and b) work well without blowing out the thermal abatement.

It arrived, and I installed it. It 'works', but it is defective. Instead of returning it, I decided to go through ASUS customer support.

Bad idea.

The card actually functions, and runs well, but it appears that a sensor that reads the cooling fan speeds on it is defective. So the card runs with both fans at 100% speed, ALL THE TIME. Nothing like having a small, compact, powerful PC that sounds like a fucking Boeing 747 spinning up for takeoff.

I installed the latest drivers. No change. As part of the driver package is a utility to read various parameters on the card, and to be able to adjust clock speeds and other settings. Alas, it reports the fan  speed as 0 RPM, confirming the behavior I deduced.

I am not a total neophyte of the PC world, so I did all the usual troubleshooting ideas. Drivers, the intel drivers for the motherboard and chipset. Updated the BIOS. No change.

I even uninstalled and reinstalled everything, twice. No luck.

I opened a ticket on the ASUS support site, and got a pretty quick response (same day) and have given them all the requested information. Two days later, I got an email with a different tech. Wanted some more data, so I gave it to them.

Fast forward 2.5 weeks, and today, I got another message. New tech. Asking for the same information I have provided before. Twice.

This is getting ridiculous. I am guessing I will never have a functional card. The shitty thing is, ASUS North America's support center is less than 20 miles from my house, and Nvidia's headquarters is about 12 miles from my house.

Until the next iteration, I have the card in an antistatic bag, awaiting the next query from their increasingly inept support technicians. I am really glad I didn't opt for the other card that fits, an ASUS 2070 mini (MSRP about $250, street price, almost $1,000).

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