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On this website (and the others I run) I have one and only one tracker. Google Analytics. A small bit of HTML that is appended to the header, injected into the flow of data that allows me to track who visits and where they are from, and what they look at.

I track this via Google Analytics. It is simple to set up, and fairly straightforward to track.

But do I really need it?  Do I really even care?

And increasingly, the answer is no, and no.

I mean if I had paid advertising, and used my site to try to ramp up eyeballs and clicks, I could do some optimizations and tailor content to push the metrics higher and higher in search for the almighty buck.

But that is not what my vehicles are for. Never has been.

Add to that all the kerfuffle about the cookie apocalypse, and how everybody and their mother is trying to break the deep, cross-site tracking to allow hyper-personalized advertising to individuals, leading to increased blocking of tracking mechanisms in email and web pages, Google's now abandoned FLoC (replaced with something that sounds stupider but just as likely to be abused by Google and Facebook because that's how they fucking make their revenue) and even the latest version of Mac Mail aggressively identifying and blocking tracking pixels in emails (yay for that).

So, I am going to go dark. Remove the Google analytics code from my sites. Delete the entries in the Analytics portal, and blissfully not give one single fuck about who reads what I write.

I write for me. If you read it. Great. If not, no skin off my back.

And one less complication in my life from Google. Now to move my personal domain mail from them.

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