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The last decade or so more and more of my music listening has been done via streaming. Once Spotify became available in the US, I drifted away from the curated collection of music in my library. Several hundred CD's, ripped, and (poorly at times) organized, they spanned my rather eclectic tastes.

However, over the last several weekends, I have made a concerted effort to clean up the meta tags and get the bulk of my collection saved to my OneDrive space.

Not going to lie, it uncovered strata of states of organization, and cohesiveness that has drifted mightily over the 25 or so years I have been ripping, storing, and playing music on my computers.

But, there has been a huge benefit. Dusty gems that I haven't listened to in ages (like early Yardbirds, or the soaring synths of Isao Tomita, or deep tracks in the valley of Vangelis). Music that is probably on one of my streaming services, but I haven't searched out.

As I type this, I am listening to my copy of Tomita's The Firebird. A true gem, synths playing the recognizable work of Stravinsky, in a wild synthesizer rendition.

Life's simple joys...

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