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I came to the Dirt franchise late-ish in its life. Last year (2020) while locked in (thank Covid) I picked up the Game Pass, and one of the first games I installed, was Dirt 4. It was/is a great game, with several styles of off road auto racing. Where Forza is the ultimate street race game (don’t @ me) Dirt 4’s forte, to me at least, was the rally races, and after spending some time in the woodshed (their proving grounds) gaining experience with the vehicle, how it brakes, how it handles, and how to get it to go where you want. Rally driving is quite different than a track day, and the tutorial/proving grounds is a fabulous touch to those new to the genre.

Then I hit the races.

A great experience. For rally races (my favorites) you have a navigator, reading out what is coming on the course, just like in real life.

Dirt 5 on the other hand … well, let’s just agree that it has gone full arcade. It is a lot less realistic, and a lot more cartoon-y.

To see if I was being too harsh, or if I missed something, I went and read a few independent reviews, and alas, the cartoonish ness and the corny transitions that bug me seem to bug the others as well.

And to me, that makes it a lot less fun.

When I got the notifications that Dirt 5 was being launched, I strongly considered buying a copy, laying down my $59.95. But, I hesitated. Now, having played it on the Game Pass, I think it is not worth the space on the disk. It will probably get deleted. I will give it a few more plays, but I am not holding my breath.

As version 4 is no longer on Game Pass, I opened my wallet and bought a copy, $20. A bargain, and joy of joys, it still has all my old progress.


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