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I have been baking bread for about 4 years, and one of my pride and joys is my sourdough starter that I have been feeding and nursing since November 2018.

In the last several months (probably 6, but I really don’t know) I have been on a baking hiatus, and my starter has been in a 1 quart Cambro container in my refrigerator, just sitting there, all sad and stuff.

This weekend, I wanted to make pizza, and as always, my go to recipe is a sourdough crust from the Ken Forks book. Friday morning, I pulled it out, poured off the accumulated water, discarded about half of the resultant starter, and added 113 g water and flour, expecting that by late afternoon, it would be all fluffy and ready to rock and roll.

But that isn’t what happened. 6PM rolled around, and no visible activity.

Fuck, did I kill my starter?

Left it on the counter over night, and Saturday morning, it was still a sad panda. No frothiness, no activity, no expansion.

Not gonna lie, it was looking bleak.

I fed it again, tossing in another 100g flour and about 80g water, mixed it up, and left it to sit. Saturday evening, it was still flaccid.

Instead of a kick-ass sourdough crust, I fell back to the overnight straight dough recipe, and figured that if nothing happened by Sunday evening with my starter, I would toss the whole thing and begin anew.

Then, a miracle happened.

Sunday morning when I woke up (way too early), I began the process of dividing the pizza dough into balls to put into the fridge to rest all day, I glanced at my starter. It was fizzy, foamy, and about to burst at the seams.

Indeed, it resurrected itself, and is a going concern.

Now, I will do several discard/feed cycles this week to ensure that it gets good and healthy before I put it back into the refrigerator. Perhaps I will make a batch or two of bread with it. It is getting to be fall weather, and a crusty bread get well with pasta or soups.

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