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I am unsure. This is a story in two parts, so bear with me. The first part is what my weekly guitar lessons evolved to in the 1980's, while the second part is in late middle age. Both are related to musical creativity, and how the herb affects that.

Part 1 - The Guitar Lesson Years

After a couple of years of weekly lessons, my teacher pretty much said he had taught me all that I needed to create my own journey in music. But we still kept the lessons going, becoming more jam sessions, that tutoring on theory and practice.

It was a good time, and I learned a lot of the songs he had written for his band, and we loved grinding through them, trading lead lines, and the such.

Fairly often, these jam sessions were accompanied by the inhalation of the smoke of wisdom, and a spleef was shared.

My recollection of these sessions was that they were epic, long intertwined traded riffs and lead lines wafted out of the studio, and we were kings.

I recall that once we spent about a half hour straight on the outro solo from Stairway to Heaven and being lost in the music.

If you asked me then, I would have said absolutely, the pot improved the creative process, and got the juices flowing.

Part 2 - Middle age

In our enlightened era, at least where I live, recreational usage of marijuana is legal, and dispensaries dot the community. Great cannabis is available a short drive away, or even for delivery. All it takes is an ID, being over 21, and money.

What a perfect time to revisit the whole "cannabis fuels creativity" concept.

However, what I have found from my experimenting is that in fact it doesn't increase the propensity to create lucid, flowing lead lines, melodic excursions, and to get enough of a dose to have an effect really shunts the energy to create into oblivion.

My few attempts to play stoned were about as successful as playing with a few drinks. For me, it was a disaster, an experiment never to be repeated.

The conclusions, at least for me

Cannabis is not helpful for my practicing. Sure, a bit of therapeutic use helps the achy pain from the arthritis, but as a source for creative enhancement, it is a big bust.

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