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In May 2016, I was between jobs, and couch surfing. My birthday was rolling up, so I opened my wallet and bought a copy of Doom. It was the first immersive FPS that I have for my Xbox One, all my prior shooter experience has been on PC’s, and this required a bit of adjustment.

I played it for a couple of weeks, and ultimately got a job, and had less time to play, and it went idle.

Lately though, I have been getting back into the Xbox thing, and while I got a copy of the latest doom (Doom Eternal, released in March 2020) I decided to go back to the last version, and revisit. I had gotten through a tiny fraction before I hung up the controller, mainly because it was frustrating due to the controller being less precise and limited in how you interact, as there is no full keyboard.

I am becoming more comfortable with the controller, and while it is more cumbersome, it does seem like the developers put a little fuzz in the control, so that you just need to get close enough. Will I ever be as good as when I was playing Quake III Arena? No. But will I be able to complete the game? Perhaps.

What I like

The graphics are stunning. Hands down, the environment, the items you interact with, the cut scenes, are all gorgeous.

The weapons are pretty cool, and while the chainsaw is a weird touch, it has been part of Doom since the beginning in 1993, it is pretty cool. The heavy rifle - bad ass. I also like that the pistol requires no reloading. I do wish that it was easier/quicker and more convenient to switch weapons while playing.

The Marine - Aka Slayer

The baddies are different, and cool. The graphics and movements of them are amazing.

The story is pretty engaging. Yes, you are just plowing through tons of killing of the baddies, but there is a thread that you are following.

I like the Codex. Being about to pause and read up on the latest thing you find is great. And it helps a lot.

It plays very well on the Xbox One. Granted, as a console, the developers know how to target performance at the hardware, so no half measures.

The soundtrack - holy hell, it is truly epic. I have been playing a lot of the classic (circa 1993) doom, and while I liked that soundtrack, this is on a whole 'nother level. Mick Gordon is the man behind it, and I will have to say that I purchased a copy. It is that good.

It has a play mode that I don't recall being part of the game when I played it in 2016. When you are selecting single player, there is a choice for "Arcade" mode. No story, no theme, just badassery and killing of baddies. A great way to get more comfortable with the controls!

What I don’t like

I am still getting comfortable with the controller scheme. It is not as accurate and easy to control as a PC with a good optical mouse, and keyboard.

The Imp has been - ah - upgraded from 1993...

Multiplayer. I was a huge hound of playing Q3A, Unreal Tournament, and Counterstrike in deathmatch mode. I literally spent hours each day playing, hauling my rig to LAN parties, and the camaraderie of my crew. But I stepped into an online match, and holy fuckballs, was it full of homophobia, misogyny, and antiseptic chatter. I lasted less than 5 minutes before giving it up. I will not be going back. It was like 4-Chan on steroids.

Final thoughts

I love the game. Doom when it first came out rocked my world, and drove many upgrade cycles of my computers and peripherals to keep up. I bought a copy of Doom III on PC back in the late oughts, before bailing to the console world.

I will say that I found a walkthrough video that in about four and a half hours shows you how to get through all the key phases of the game.

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