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I have long complained about how much I spend and have spent over the last 40 years on my various guitars, amplifiers, effects, and other odds and ends associated with my hobby of playing.

Lately, I have picked up another hobby, remote control cars, and have spent a considerable amount of money on that hobby (for the record, it is a TON of fun).

I have felt a twinge of guilt on my spending.

Alas, I am far less guilty lately.

Two Christmas’s ago, my wife wanted a telescope. A modest Meade 6” Newtonian reflector made its way in to the household. The price was not too high.

This year, the boss has asked for some accessories, and pointed me at a camera and some filters. After making sure they would work with her Mac, I ordered them.

That got me on their mailing list, and today, I got an email. One of the items was their “Used” telescopes. On a lark, I clicked on it.

Holy fucking shit. People upgrade often, and sell their kit. I looked at page after page of 10”, 12” and larger scopes, and all sorts of mounts, and automated tracking systems.

Jesus christ monkey balls, this is a ludicrously expensive hobby.

Fortunately, I can’t stay up late enough to stargaze, thus I will stick to Guitars and Cars.

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