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We have had a few high vet bills, and that has spurred my wife to look for how we can save a few bucks (truth is, the bills weren’t that high), and her first offer was perhaps it was time to ditch Comcast (oops, I meant Xfinity) cable.

Our cable bill has crept up to an eye popping $260 a month. Having the “triple play” which is internet (175m down, 6m up), TV, and a landline, has a base price of $178 per month. That is bad, but there is a fuck-ton of fees (and my wife has the extra sports package because she is a sports fanatic).

The extraneous fees on our Xfinity bill

I have scoped out adding the TV package to my Hulu streaming package, and for $70 a month, we get TV, unlimited DVR of real time TV, the Hulu library, and the ESPN+ and Disney+. A no brainer, and my wife will get her beloved sports.

So, this morning I pulled the trigger, and downgraded to the fast internet. 300 down, 10 up, with their hardware for $90 a month. Yeah, I could save $20 a month by buying a cable modem and a WiFi router, but this way I don’t have to manage it. I will grudgingly admit that the Xfinity iPhone app is pretty handy for managing end devices.

It happened fast. The internet was re-provisioned, and bam, speedtests yielded 375M down and almost 12M up. Cool.

They did shut off the television at the same time. Alas, the cable card in my TiVo Romio is useless. I took the time this afternoon to erase and reset to factory the Tivo, and removed the cable card. If you are interested in the Tivo, let me know, it has the lifetime subscription tied to the box. Would be happy to ship it for the cost of shipping.

Fortunately, the current Cable Modem still works, and should fill the need until the new hardware arrives. Then I will be ecstatic to return this giant hunk of crap CPE (irony: is is a Cisco box) to the Xfinity store. That will be a joyful day.

A bonus, we get Peacock streaming from Xfinity, and that continues with the downgrade. That provides almost all the sports my wife like (they have exquisite coverage of the Olympics and the Tour de France, two of my wife’s “must haves”.

I suspect that the availability of Peacock was what let my wife think it might be possible to ditch cable tv. Regardless, I struck while the iron was hot.

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