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Some observations of the recovery from completely losing it on a sidewalk and bouncing my noggin good.

The Next Day was the worst

Seriously, Friday, the day after, was fucking awful. I thought every muscle and joint in my body was about to fail. I could barely keep my head up straight, as my neck muscles cried out in agony.

Some Advil and Tylenol helped. And my one effort to rest on the couch was ruined by my dog trying to climb on my achy body.

But later in the afternoon, I felt up to a short walk. I wanted to see the scene of the crime. That really helped loosen the muscles up, and I felt a lot better.

Two days out - Christmas day

I slept pretty well, and was able to take the dog for a walk, We avoided the danger zone, and I got a good walk in with him. It was lightly raining, so I had my hood up on my rain jacket to keep the water off the staples.

Made brunch for my sister and brother in law, and had a restful afternoon, opening presents, and watching Christmas movies (Better Off Dead, Life of Brian, Christmas Story (again)) and a couple of early cinema classics.

Third day

The instructions said that I could (and should) wash the staple area after 24 - 48 hours. I gave it 72 hours, and gingerly washed my hair (it was getting pretty icky).

No issues. It is beginning to itch though, a sign that it is healing. No seeping, weeping, oozing, or other signs of infection. All is good.

Walked the dog again, it was pretty dry in the morning, but I still had the rain jacket on, and ready for the hood if the deluge began unexpectedly. (n.b. - the rain in the latter half of December is truly abnormally abundant here. Apparently, December in the Tahoe area has had more snowfall than ever recorded in December since records have been kept.)

Another pretty lazy day around the house. I spent a few hours playing with my new amplifier, and digging it greatly.

Day 4 - Really beginning to itch.

No pain at all, well, if I poke at the staples, I feel it, but nothing beyond that. All my other bits and bobs feel about as they did before. Whatever strain I put on my joints and muscles is much better, and I move about as well as my normal 56 year old body ever does anymore.

Drove for the first time since the incident. No issues (wasn't expecting any) and trekked to the Guitar Showcase. I had heard that they closed. A fire or some damage, but I learnt that they were back, so I went there in search of a set of tuning machine heads for the Martin I am refurbishing. They had a pretty skimpy selection, and nothing that would work. Bummer. (they did have a Miami Blue Fender Strat with a rosewood fretboard that was delish.)

Goofed off the rest of the day, playing video games and guitar. Felt like I was in my 20's again.

Day 5 and beyond

Now, it is all down to when I can get my staples out. THey said 7 - 10 days. That means Friday or Monday. I will be uber cautious, and wait until Monday. Another trip to Urgent care, and 10 minutes of appointment (with an hour or more waiting I am certain)

Back to normal, and enjoying the time off of work.

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