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A recent conversation brought to mind how I became the way I am, why I have a wry, very ironic sense of humor. And I have to blame my parents.

And cable TV.

Ours was one of the first neighborhoods in the Bay Area that had cable TV, and shockingly, my parents, who wouldn’t buy a color TV (circa 1970) subscribed to it.

And one of the channels was PBS. Wholesome television. Publicly funded television. Sesame Street was probably their justification.

But it also fed Monty Python’s Flying Circus into our living room. And my parents let me watch it.

So I did. A lot.

I never totally went full Python, going into lengthy quote streams, but I did latch on to a handful of great one liners that are peppered throughout the show and the movies. I do watch “Life of Brian” every year as part of my Christmas movie viewing (coupled with Die Hard, Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, and others)

And then they introduced me to Mel Brooks movies. All of them.

If you ever wonder why I am as messed up as I am, that is where you should look.

The conversation? While waiting for a conference call to start, we bantered Python references. "A tiger?  In Africa?"

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