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No, I am not Anti-American. I love hotdogs, freedom, and the flag.

But I do hate the 4th of July.

I hate it because the loud fireworks freak out my dogs, making life very stressful at our house. The irony is that personal fireworks are illegal, and have been here in the Bay Area for DECADES.

There are signs on the local fire station's fence reinforcing the law, and that you can call to report people using them.

Alas, you can call, and call and call some more, and you get nothing for your efforts.

For fuck's sake, if your car is stolen, the police will not visit you, you are directed to submit a report online and use that for your claim to insurance.

Side note: I love the people with signs on their property saying that dogs urinating or defecating on their lawn will result in a call to the police.
Bitch please, the police won't even respond to a car theft.

And it isn't just the small lady finger firecrackers, but instead we have people with professional grade 6" mortars they fire off.

The local park (about 300m as the crow flies) is like a warzone. On the 4th, people start claiming their turf on the field before 8:00AM, and a constant trickle of firecrackers go off all day. After dark, it looks like a non-stop professional display from my front yard.

And it is LOUD.

So, once again, I will be up late, soothing the nerves of my poor dogs.

No, I really don't enjoy the 4th.

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