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With me rejoining the gaming world, and spending time on my Xbox one. I bought this shortly after we moved into our house here in early 2015, and it is showing its age. The games that I care about play well (Forza, hell YEAH), but increasingly the newer versions are expecting you to be moving to the faster systems.

Thus, I have been keeping an eye on acquiring a new Xbox to fuel my gaming. In November 2020 the new Xbox generations were released, and as is typical, the early supplies were skimpy through the holiday season.

But it is now May 2021, and I expect that supply would be stable, if not plentiful.

This is not the case. Alas supplies are short, and they are being scalped for about 2X retail price. I sure as hell am not going to pay that much over retail.

I suspect that the supply crunch is tied to the well publicized chip shortage that is also impacting automobile manufacturing.

Bummer. I guess I am gonna be waiting a while.

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