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Lately, I have been adapting to working with Youtube videos in the background, and one of the genre’s that I have stumbled on is the quasi cult of the PC Gamers. A couple of the channels that I follow do videos of building gaming PC’s. LED’s, flashy fans, liquid cooling, and other cool things.

Note to self: far too many modern PC’s have way too much empty space. Motherboards, fans, and disk drives are so small compared to my experiences…

It is oddly soothing to watch and listen to these videos. Weird, I know.

I have to admit that when I built PCs, mostly to chase performance in my favorite games, I got it to run, crammed the cables in, and fired it up. Elegance was not important. Good power supply, quality motherboard, and strategic selection of the graphics card and CPU to deliver the performance that you want.

I am learning about water cooling. When I was in the “game” that was in its infancy, and rather sketchy, only used by the most aggressive overclockers. Now it is more main stream, and instead of cobbling it together, you can buy either an AIO (all in one) or custom built with off the shelf components.

I am learning that currently (mid 2021) AMD’s Ryzen CPU’s are dominated this space. Intel is fighting back, but, for now, AMD is king.

nVME drives are cheap, and the choice for the operating system installs. And most modern motherboards have 2 slots for M.2 drives. You can get these in capacities up to two terabytes (or more). Impressive per

But most people will use a SATA SSD for installing their games and applications on. And those are small, the size of laptop 2.5” disks. So one huge space saving in most gaming focused cases are the lack of the classic 3.5” HD Cage.

Then, it also seems that nobody builds systems with CD/DVD/BD drives. Do games not come on discs anymore? (Serious question) Do they just buy and manage them via Steam?

My Quibble

All through my time building and working on my PC’s in beige box cases, I was hyper vigilant in regards to ESD (electrostatic discharge) mitigation practices. I worked on a surface that was conductive. I wore a grounding strap. I took extra care to set sensitive components on properly grounded surfaces (memory, CPU, cards).

But in all the videos I have been watching I am not seeing any ESD abatement. Lots of bare hands and fingers, touching, wrestling, with components, manhandling the cables into submission, and bending tubes, filling reservoirs, and attaching radiators. All things that make the old man that I am cringe…

I guess that the precautions would make for a less compelling video.

I am in no danger of building a new computer. I will likely just continue to play on consoles.

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