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They say that as you get older there is a desire to recapture your youth. This rings true on several levels. No, not in the I want to go back to my athletic prowess, because, I was never really proficient at the usual sport-y things. But, I certainly have some rose colored glasses that I view my misspent youth on.

Lately, that has been video games, starting with the Pong game that my stepfather brought home one day and I was hooked.

we were rather poor, and this seemed like a very expensive "splurge" to connect to our B&W Television, I suspect that he picked up one that was liberated from a truck in Sunnyvale, where we lived at the time, but I was 7 years old, what do I know?

The next brush was a local pizza parlor that had a couple of cabinets. I don't remember what they were, but when we ate there, I burned through my meagre allowance.

But lately, I have gone back to my original fascination with First Person Shooters (FPS's). I have played a LOT of Doom, first on my Xbox One, and then on the PC. But one game was missing from this era, Quake.

The first installment of Quake dropped when I was in grad school, and it immediately became my #1 passion.

I played it a LOT. I then played Quake II, and Quake 3 Team Arena (we used to jam away on that at local LAN parties).

But Quake wasn't available for my Xbox. And all the versions for Mac OS X were 32 bit apps, and alas, no longer supported.

Ultimately, I made the plunge back to the PC, partly to feed this addiction.

Well, I did have a half step. I bought an original Quake cartridge for the Nintendo 64. Yep, it plays, but it is a less than stellar experience.

But, now I am playing the game, as God intended, on a PC with a decent keyboard and mouse.

And, it's GLORIOUS.

It is everything I remember. Simple, responsive, and engrossing. I haven't completed it yet, but I am totally immersed. It has been long enough that I no longer remember the maps and the paths. I am re-discovering the secrets, and if I am honest, all the grinding I have been doing on Doom lately have honed my skills and I am a better (if rusty) player than I ever was. (I will have a blog post on how my time on the original Doom games on my Xbox with the controller helps with the keyboard and mouse playing.)

Shub Niggurath - the final Quake boss

While I will want to play the latest versions of Doom (2016 and the sequel "Eternity") that will have to await a GPU that works with my PC.

And then a new modern port of Quake has been released from Bethesda studios, with versions for PC, and all the common consoles. A faithful rendition and slight upgrade, I mashed the "BUY" button so fast your head would spin. And it is good. Not as good as on the PC though.


Over the years, I have purchased the original Quake at least 4 times, and I have never once felt like I have been ripped off. It is an iconic instance of the FPS genre, launching literally thousands of similar games. It was great in 1996, and it remains great and relevant in 2021. By definition, that is an epic game.

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