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The Pandemic, and the new "work from home" I picked up the guitar again in a big way. And I have come a long way in getting back to my old level of proficiency. I will admit that it feels damn good to just riff and jam.

The speed is coming back. And, dare I say it, my ear is better than it ever was. Grooving, chunky chord progressions, and solid lead lines are back in the repertoire.

Part of the way to get there is a lot of exercises, scales, and arpeggios. And that gets me to the problem I have.

I have far less reach that I used to have. An Em scale at the 12th fret requires 5 frets of reach to do cleanly, and my left hand has enough arthritis that I just can't do it without shifting my hand. And that is slow.

Oh well, I will live with this first world problem.

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