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One thing every guitar player has to figure out is what sort of guitar picks you want to use, assuming that you play with a pick.

First things first. A guitar pick is technically a plectrum and they have been around for a long time.

But, that is very dry and elementary.

There are many different sorts, but most of them are single point, and made out of some sort of plastic. In the way back, some were actually made with tortoise shell, but naturally, now they are made with plastic.

When you begin playing, it is important to try many different sorts. There are thin flexible picks, and thick stout ones. Some traditional ones are made with celluloid, and I have a few of them, but they tend to wear really quickly.

What picks do I use?

For acoustic guitar playing, I prefer a stiff, but thin pick, and the Taylor green pick works well, or a Yellow Jim Dunlop Tortex single point (the yellow picks are 0.73mm thick).

For the electric, that is a bit too thin for my preferences. Early on, I gravitated to the very thick Tortex picks, the purple (my favorite color!) which is 1.14mm thick.

I prefer the triple point variant, as it is easier for me to hold and control in my meaty paw while playing. They were not common back when I figured out I preferred them, and Guitar Showcase made me buy a gross of them (12 dozen).

The best thing about these picks is that they literally last forever.

Two Tortex Purple picks
Two Tortex Purple picks

The one on the left has been my daily use pick for literally years. The one on the right is brand new. I love these, they last forever!

When you are getting started, it is pretty inexpensive to try many different ones to figure out what you are comfortable with. So, play around, and have fun!

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