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The journey to building my sound continues, but it is getting pretty damn close.

I had picked up a Catlinbread EchoRec delay pedal and have been using it as a slight slap back to give me some form of reverb. It has been good in that (and I also turn on the repeats, and ramp up the swell for that wicked 50's vintage flying saucer sound, cool!) but when I got the notification that Catlinbread was selling some B-stock units for a whopping 25% off, I picked up a Topanga spring reverb unit.

It arrived yesterday, and I slapped that into my board for a quick blast at lunch time, and with minimal tweaking off the centers of the controls, I have to just say "wow".

Currently, I have three pedals in my chain, an MXR Analog Chorus, feeding into the Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret (red), and finally into the Topanga reverb.

The sound is thick and lush. I turn off the chorus, and I get that late 70's/early 80's Michael Schenker sound (driven Marshall with a fat mid-range honk, coupled with the Gibson Flying V humbuckers), add the chorus at med high depth, and slow-ish sweep, and I have a very versatile sound with the reverb.

Late afternoon, I jammed for over an hour, playing with pickup switch positions, tone pot and rolling off the volume. This setup is a beast, and it is nearly impossible to get a bad tone (missed notes on the other hand ...)

I have fiddled with a Behringer Ultra Vibrato 300 pedal, a dead on clone of an 80's vintage Boss (and at $25 new, a great price to play around with), that makes playing things like Pipeline fun.

Now, back to the jamming.

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