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I have been using the Ghost platform since the beginning. At the start I use the Ghost Pro hosted solution, but not long thereafter I moved to a self hosted version. Probably about version 0.6 or so.

Back then, it was rather rough. Upgrades were particularly fraught, often requiring some extra special efforts and heroics to get back up (and I will say that the couple of times I needed their support, the distributed Ghost development team was AWESOME and super helpful).

As time went on, the processes got smoother, and while nowhere near as painless as managing a Wordpress site, it has become much more routine. About version 2.0 came the “ghost” utility that handled updates, as well as installations, and configuration of the Nginx settings, and made it almost ready for prime time.

But one thing that sucked for the longest time was the themes. Every major upgrade required a rather painful amount of editing of the Handlebars templates, setting up the Disqus commenting, the external contact form handling and more all required fiddling with the source code and then uploading it into the system.

U G L Y, to say the least.

But with the latest update, I got a notification that my theme has an update, and I really was hesitating to update the theme.

Turns out that I shouldn’t have been hesitant. Upload it. Do a few configuration steps, and boom, you are up and running. Much like it is in Wordpress.

Coolio. I now have the latest theme up and running, and instead of wasting a full afternoon, it took like 5 minutes.

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