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A week ago, I got the annual reminder that my Dropbox account was going to renew soon. I had a “Plus” account, it was $120 a year, 2TB, and blah blah blah. Some back up capability, automatic hoovering of photos from my Phone, some file transfer capability, and sharing with others.

All cool stuff. But alas, I have 1 TB with my Office 365 account, and I use iCloud to back up my phone/ipad, and to sync the main documents on all my Apple computers, and ditto with Microsoft OneDrive.

About 6 months ago, I did a massive migration away from Dropbox, so in reality, very little was actually in there.

The last straw? I upgraded to an M1 MacBook Air, and the Dropbox client is still Intel only. If you can’t in a whole calendar year upgrade the client/drivers to be universal, then you aren’t serious.

Thus, today I “downgraded” to “Basic” and navigated through their gauntlet to stop paying them. There were at least 5 attempts to guilt me into not saving this money every year.

Alas, the money wasn’t the point. Of course, when I first upgraded to paid, I think you got 100Gigs, and over the years they expanded that, and added capabilities, and kept trying to entice me into upgrading to “Business”.


I am done. I have plenty of cloud synced storage, that works across all my systems.

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