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This weekend I had one task that I wanted to accomplish. That was to move to Ghost version 5.0 on the properties that I host it on.

Based on past experience, I anticipated it to stretch to multiple days.

I was surprised. Friday afternoon I started, and by dinner time, I was done. Well, mostly. There were some loose ends and tweaks I spent a couple of hours on on Saturday.

Since Saturday was my Wedding Anniversary (22 years down!) I spent the rest of the day preparing a sumptuous feast to celebrate. It was delish.

But I had two more days off. What on earth would I do?

First up, RC Cars

While I have purchased my first RC car (Losi 8ight 1/8th scale buggy) pre-pandemic, I got much more heavily into the hobby during the last 2.5 years. Alas, it had been quite some time since I had been out, so on a whim, I charged up the battery and headed to my favorite place, a largely deserted parking lot at the terminus of the VTA Light Rail.

A full charge through it, and my familiarity with driving is back, and I will make it habit to get out more often…

Tons of fun.

Pizza making

It has been a while since I made pizza so I broke out Ken Forkish’s book, and started a 1 kg batch of pizza dough. This takes about 2 days, so I began with the Levain (a.k.a. “Starter”) on Saturday, and made the dough on Sunday.

A 1kg recipe makes 4 boules of dough, each the right size for a 12” pie.

One thing I noted, the recipe recommends the first rise of the dough to take about 12 to 14 hours (to increase in size to 2.5 times the original volume). But it took only about 6 hours to rise this much.

In any case, 3 of the boules were wrapped and tossed in the freezer, leaving one out for dinner on Monday.

I know, I know, not really a Memorial Day classic. So sue me.

Monday activities

Monday, being the Memorial Day holiday here in the US, the day started as most of my days began, by walking Cerberus. This morning though, I thought I would do something different, and head out for a bike ride. The first ride of the year.

I haven’t been out since last fall, and the frequency was off a lot since the fall of 2020 when a ride happened to coincide with the onset of a rather nasty shingles outbreak.

I figured I would take it easy, do some flats maybe 10 miles. But something strange happened. I actually felt good, so I kept going. I ended up doing my usual 16 mile loop.

Of course, a couple hours on, my saddle area is sore, and my legs are a bit rubbery. But in general I feel great.

All I have to do for the rest of the day is to watch Goodfellas (to remember Ray Liotta who passed away) and make pizza.

It will be a good day.

The net-net

A great weekend. Good food, great activities, celebrating a milestone, getting back on the bicycle. What more could I possibly want?

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