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I follow a few never Trump former Republicans, and I even pay for The Bulwark (totally worth the money), and I have noticed a trend.

With the leadership kerfuffle around Liz Cheney being principled in her critique and calling out of The Former Guy’s jackassery, leading to her being removed from he #3 position in the Republican leadership today, I have a couple comments.

First, many of these righteous pundits are saying that Cheney is doing an honorable thing. I agree. There are far too few “Republicans” who are willing to state the obvious:

  1. Trump lost the election, and Biden won fair and square. Sure Trump got more votes than any republican candidate ever. It was just 7 million fewer votes than Biden received, and thus Biden won, and is the President.
  2. That there was no significant election fraud, and all the efforts to manipulate state election laws and rules are bad.

Liz Cheney has done some shit (ok, a lot of shit) that Democrats will never forgive her for. Her position on same sex marriage being one (even though her sister is gay, and her Father, Dick Cheney, came around to supporting gay marriage.) Also, she is an aggressive pro-torture deeply conservative.

So, while I will gladly celebrate her courageous stand, and I will support her efforts to try to turn the tide on the Trump virus that seems to have infected the entire Republican caucus, I still can criticize her past actions and positions, and push back on her regressive conservatism.

This isn’t difficult.

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