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My wife spent 10 days on a road trip, and the night before she came home, she stayed with friends in Oregon, and her friend loaded her up with some exotic cucumbers. A whole bag full of them.

What to do with them? My wife doesn’t like them on salads, and while I could make a cuke, tomato, and feta salad, I would have to eat all of it, and that is a wee bit too much.

So, I figured I would make pickles.

I got about 8 pounds of cucumbers, so all I needed were:

  • Mason jars
  • Kosher salt
  • fresh dill (because, if I am gonna make pickles, they are gonna be dill)
  • pickling spices
  • white vinegar
  • Fresh garlic

Alas, I spent like $45 on supplies, to make pickles.

About 90 minutes of work, a bit of a mess, and I have 10 jars of pickles, three of them with habanero’s.

I hope they are yummy.

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