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Lately, I have been playing more guitar. I cleaned up my old amp (a Fender Super60 combo amp with a single 12” Celestion speaker, and a pretty kick-ass all tube pre and power amp built in, and have been dragging the Tom Anderson off the wall, and doing some real practice (scales as well as just playing pieces).

This has inspired me to keep playing, and for Christmas I have convinced my better half to splurge on a new amp. The main issue with the Fender is that to get a good tone, and feel requires quite a bit of volume, and in my office, that gets a bit painful. Sure, I play a lot at low volumes, and clean, but to get a good crunchy, distorted tone requires moving a LOT of air.

The new amp ought to alleviate that issue.

But I am jonesing for a new guitar. My main axe is a early aught’s Tom Anderson Drop Top, and it is a pretty sweet guitar. It is very playable, has some of the cleanest electronics I have played through, and frankly, it is super versatile.

So, of course I am satisfied with it, right?

I can’t help it, but I am coveting a true Fender Stratocaster. In the past I have owned a MIM Telecaster that I upgraded the electronics to EMG, and it never captured my heart. On a few occasions I have had various Strats in my hands, and one of them, a Tobacco Sunburst Eric Johnson Custom Shop was just divine. Very fast, very playable, and just tons of tone.

Ditto an Eric Clapton “Blackie” custom shop version.

But I am looking at an American made with a mid 1960’s geometry and some hot electronics. About $2K. I would love to have one of the Orange/red bodied with the pao faro fretboard that looks like one of Gary Moore’s go to axes.

Someone, please Please PLEASE talk me out of this? I really do not need it. It is a sickness.

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