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Going back to the mid 1980’s when I began playing guitar, I spent a LOT of time at the local music stores. There were plenty of them, and they all had their little charm.

But there was one that I really liked to spent time at. I will not name it, but let’s just say that it was a Mecca. They had insanely great inventory, plenty of new stock, mixed with used gear, and a vintage room, where iconic instruments from the 50’s, and 60’s hung on the wall, and if you were brave enough, they would pull out the ’57 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top and let you strum on it, even if you couldn’t afford the $30K they were selling it for.

Then there was the San Jose Guitar Center, from way back when they weren’t a huge mega-chain, but a regional California set of stores. They too had great inventory, and advertised aggressively, and would match any deal in town. I often went back and forth between the two favorite shops to squeeze out a few extra bucks of discount.

I often got the better deal at Guitar Center, and thus they got my money more times than not.

But, as the 1990’s moved on, and I played less and less, I stopped hanging out at music stores. When I moved away in 2003, I ended up in Tucson, AZ, and the local scene was smaller, but one shop was my go to place.

I always remembered my favorite shop, and whenever I came back to my old stomping grounds, I would visit, and browse. Not buy, because unless I played a lot more, it wasn’t justified to spend too much money on instruments and gear.

Back in black

With the Pandemic, I have rekindled my love of Guitar, and have begun playing consistently. So much so that I realized I needed a new, more space-appropriate amplifier. I was able to convince the wife to get me an Orange Rocker 15, and that left me with the Fender Super 60 as a spare.

I figured that I would sell it to the favorite guitar store, and let them sell it. They do a lot of advertising and resale via Reverb, and thus I thought they would be glad to take it in, and resell it.

So, today I tarted it up, hauled it down there, they did a sound check (yep, it still works) and they said they would do a search for what the market looks like. They said that they would give me about 1/2 the market price, or a little more if I took it in store trade.

Knowing that they would check the used market, and having looked myself, I saw that comparable units go for about $550. Not super popular, but niche-y and well loved by those that have them.

Imagine the disappointment when they told me that they would give me $125 in store credit.

Sigh, that is an embarrassment. I guess I will wrap it in plastic and store it in the garage. I will look for a local player and gift it to them.

Really bummed, and will likely not spend that much time at the boutique shop. There is a small-ish Guitar Center closer to my house, and they are actually friendlier.

My, how the world has changed.

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