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I try to not dive into politics too often, but as a slightly left of center voter, I am dismayed by the antics of the Progressive Left.

Don't get me wrong, their ideas aren't terrible, and they are not nearly as socialist as much of western Europe and the Scandinavian countries, but America is just not going to get there. Certainly not in one fell swoop. If you want to get there, start local and build a strong coalition. All you have now is enough power to fuck up all that is possible.

And they seem dead set on doing that.

Enter the absolutely bonkers treatment of Kyrsten Sinema. If you are on twitter, just search for Sinema and you will see literally millions of tweets haranguing her, saying she will get primaried, videos of incredibly rude people following her into the bathroom.

And a lot of disgraceful behavior. The Progressive left are painting her and Manchin as the reason why they can't get nice things passed.

Enter this OpEd: "Is it Time for Kyrsten Sinema to Leave the Democratic Party?", and when I clicked on it, I expected to disagree with Michelle Cottle's take. But I can't. It resonates with my experience living in Arizona, literally 2 blocks outside the congressional district that Sinema won in 2012. She is the type of centrist, moderate that can win in Arizona.

I have made these arguments before, and they fall on deaf ears. But most of the detractors are people who at best fly over Arizona, or go golfing there in December. They argue that AZ is blue now because look, both Senate seats are held by Democrats.

But that is disingenuous. The state is quite conservative, where the D's and the R's are split with nearly equally with Independents. And those independents are largely center right, lean Republican, and my old contacts in Arizona and experience living there tell me that Sinema is probably in good shape to be reelected. (Mark Kelly will struggle to win next year, if the Republicans nominate a viable candidate and finally convince Martha McSally to give up the ghost)

Besides, she doesn't face the electorate until 2024, which is practically in the next millennia politically speaking.

Senator Manchin was right when he said that if the Progressives want to enact their deep wish list, they need to elect more progressives.

Unfortunately that means a lot of small ball, building a bench, and about 2 generations of discipline in electoral politics (not to mention a fuck-ton more message discipline, and not coining catch phrases that make it child's play for the Republicans to decimate your story cough "Defund the Police" cough)

The Republicans got to where they are today by being hyper-focused on the local, and growing up and through the ranks to national offices starting with the shellacking that Goldwater experienced in 1964. Sure, a lot of dodgy shit to, from the "Southern Strategy" to "Welfare Queens" to the Atwater strategies. All of that moved to get them where they are today.

Can the Democrats do it? I am not holding my breath. And I remain firmly slightly left of center.

Do read that post.

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