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I have long been a Mac acolyte. I have evangelized, and advocated. I truly believe, that for most people, it is the best computer that you can have. They work well, they are well integrated, well engineered, and for about 90% of most peoples’ common usage it is perfect.

But there are things the Mac isn’t good at. What could that be?, oh yeah, Gaming. Sure, there are Mac games, and I have played many of them. But if you want to play modern, immersive games, you can play Apple Arcade games, you can scour Steam and GOG, and find Mac titles. But even this is getting sketchy. I wanted to get back into 3D shooters, and I drew some jokers. One of the ones I wanted to play was the original Half Life, the Valve game built on the original Quake engine. It is a reasonable game, and it should run well on my hardware, but alas, it is a 32bit app, and fuck, that is no longer supported.

I also have MAME and emulators for my beloved Atari 8-bit computers, but alas, the latest OS-X revisions make them sketchier, the sandboxing prevents sound from working well. It has become a game of Whack-a-Mole, and I am getting tired of it.

Well, it is time to go back into the dark side, and have a Windows machine again.

A lot has changed since I switched in the early aughts. Back then, far more of the work you did was native applications, and going back 15+ years ago, the Mac had far and away the best applications.

Today, more and more of what I do is online, in the cloud, and accessed with web browsers, where the experience is the same, regardless of the compute platform that you use to access it.

So, there is no longer as much of a reason to use Apple.

I will admit that the sandboxing, and protection of the system are quite useful for those who are less savvy (like my better half) the Mac is the best thing going for them. Sure it costs more, but they just work, and if you need support, the Genius Bar is the ticket.

Ordered up a PC

I will probably regret spending too much money, but I ordered a Ghost Canyon NUC, with the i9 CPU, 32G ram, 1.5T of storage, and <gasp> Windows 10.

I also ordered a mediocre GTX1650 GPU, for almost 1.5X the MSRP, because, well, it was available. One day, the supply chain will be fixed, and a 3060 MINI form factor will find its way to my desk.

In the short term, I will go back to playing my old favorites.

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