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For the first time in my life, I have a yard with a lawn, a lawn I have been proud to keep green and well kept. It hasn’t been awful in the amount of work, and it isn’t very large. It is well groomed, and tasteful. I have kept it green, although in the summer, it takes about an hour of watering 4+ days a week during the summer here in California (where we will go from early April until late November without measurable precipitation) to keep it “alive”. Sure, that is better than our 40SqFt we had in our backyard in Chandler AZ where we had to water it three times a day during the summer, but it is still a lot of water…

With the severe water shortfall in California this year, where the snowpack was at 0% in May (the earliest ever) it is time to move to a low water consumption landscaping.

Starting in July, the SCVWD has new incentives and funds to help people rip out high water use landscaping for more ecologically compatible terrain in our front yard.

Late last week, we sent in our form, and we will await their verdict. A couple of grand to help offset the cost makes sense to wait for.

Until then, I have pulled the lawn off of live support. I have shut down the irrigation that waters it. I will chronicle it turning brown and dying.

Will I be sad?

Not really. As I mentioned, this is the first patch of lawn I have ever had to be proud of, so in my mid 50’s it is much less of a defining feature of my id, and while it will require less maintenance, it will not be zero maintenance. We will still pay our gardeners (the kids across the street do all the mow’n’blow work for many of the neighbors, and offshoot of their professional landscaping business.)

C’est la vie!

Now to keep my roses healthy.

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