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About a month ago, Lizzie developed a small hematoma on her left ear. It was small, but concerning, since it could have been an infection, or a symptom of something that could be much worse, so off to the vet.

Initially, it appears that there was a mild bacterial infection in her ear, so we treated that, and the hope was that with time the hematoma would reabsorb, and all would be good.

Alas, the infection went away, but the hematoma got larger. Finally, we had no choice but to schedule surgery.

Last Thursday was the bad day. We dropped her off at the vet at 8:00 AM, and some insane amount of money later, we picked her up.

The surgery is relatively straight forward, but it does entail 12 or so sutures to hold the ear together with a slit to allow it to drain, and she is stuck in a cone for three weeks while the ear heals.

The risk of her scratching and damaging the repair is pretty high, so she will remain in the cone.

She is not happy… But it isn’t slowing her down much.

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