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A few months ago, I stumbled into Youtube, as part of my addiction to RC Cars, and the algorithms started pairing me with general car videos.

I am addicted. One of the channels, The Humble Mechanic, does a lot of detailed work on engines, and that led me down the rabbit hole.

Then I discovered Engineering Explained, less of a mechanics look, but more of the why’s and how’s of cars.

Charles, the Humble Mechanic, offered an observation that resonated. As a mechanic, he could tell who took good care of their car, versus those who just did the minimum to keep it on the road. I believe it was in conjunction with a well used, and in dubious condition mid 00’s VW R32. Calling it in rough condition is being charitable. Some wonky suspension work, a lot of slat rust (apparently the car lived in the upper midwest) and a lot of corrosion and ick factor tells you that this was clearly a car that was maintained just enough to keep it on the road (and why he was able to pick it up for < $4K, a bargain for a limited edition).

That makes the product manager in me wonder about the personas of car owners. There are several distinct types of owners, and matching car classes.

Not everyone is passionate about their cars, and dotes on them. In fact, for the vast majority of the world, a car is just transportation. A grocery getter. A kid dropper. A symbol of their daily commute. This is why the vast majority of cars aren’t the fancy versions, but the base models. The ones with steel wheels and hubcaps. The least fancy trim. The boring colors (Silver, White, Black are the most common colors on the road).

Future posts will go into more detail exploring the various personas of auto owners.

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