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I sit here, fantasizing about buying a new guitar. Part of me wants a made in USA Fender Stratocaster, eyeballing the American Professional II in Miami Blue. Crisp, clean, single coil growl, and a solid platform that combines versatility, classic looks, and the legendary Fender sound.

But, then I remember my old Charvel Model 4, circa 1986. I bought it new, off the rack at the local music store in Sunnyvale. Black, the pointy headstock style that was 1980’s Hair Metal, with Jackson native electronics, it was a looker, easy to play, and had, without a doubt, the best, fastest neck I have ever had on a guitar. 22 jumbo frets, very thin neck, and a compound radius (12” at the nut, 16” at the 12th fret) that was amazing. The Charvel So-Cal Style 1 with a Humbucker, single, Humbucker configuration is about $600 less than the Fender, with a Floyd Rose locking tremolo bridge.

Electric guitar side view
Charvel So-Cal Style 1

I keep dreaming about adding to my collection another guitar, to augment the already outstanding Tom Anderson that hangs on my wall.

But all my dreaming has been just web surfing. I should just suck it up and visit the local Guitar Center, and play both of them. Then I can get it out of my system, and just play the hell out of my Tom Anderson, and be done with it.

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