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A long time ago, like the mid 1970's, for Christmas one year, my dad bought me one of the Bantam reprints of a Doc Savage book. My parents were divorced, and my dad was never great with gifts. I think he bought this to spur an interest in reading. It was age appropriate, as I was probably 10 years old, and I read it, but it failed to spark that interest in reading fiction. That came in high school when I discovered Heinlein books.

Thirty-ish years later I bought an e-reader (the Sony) and I set out looking for free books to read. I stumbled across an archive somewhere on the internet of the 181 original Doc Savage stories. They were in a format that I could load (.lrf which I think was the Microsoft eBook format from the 1990s) and I loaded them up to read while I was jetting around the world for work.

The files were scans from originals, and then converted to text, and had some (ok, many) glitches. But I could read them fine, using my mind's eye to fix the issues. But I knew that I really wanted to uplift them, to convert to ePub, and to fix all the scan/OCR fuzz. Finally, a toolset allowed me to do that, painstakingly, book by book. I converted to RTF, loaded into Apple's Pages, added original cover art  (thankfully, fans had captured all the covers), fixed formatting, fixed the OCR fuzz, and exported into ePubs.

I wrote about this process a few (ok, several) years ago, and said that anyone who wanted a copy could drop me an email, and I would send them a link to download. I didn't want to post a link, as the copyright belongs to Conde Nast, and I am sure I would have gotten the feds sent to my house.

In all the years since, I have had exactly two people email me, and both have been super happy to have the collection.

That makes me happy. Today, I got a thank you email from the latest recipient, and he is ecstatic to read them, and thankful for my efforts. Just as I wanted.

(the original blog post is here... A Labor of Love – Doc Savage – Tralfaz)

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