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The Wife’s grocery getter, a 2004 Toyota Rav4, has been neglected - not mechanically - it was way overdue for an external detail. It has been a year since I washed and waxed it, and I have felt guilty letting its finish molder like that.

A simple 3 bucket wash to get the heavy pollen buildup off the exterior. A fingertip test of the surface confirmed that there were surface contaminants bonded to the paint. So much for it being an easy day.

Got the speed shine out, and the clay bar. A half hour later, and one very dirty puck of clay, and the paint was ready for the Zaino’s All-In-One treatment. This is a mild abrasive combined with a polymer sealant, and it now looks about as good as it can look.

The windshield and the moonroof were pretty bleak, so I got out the glass polish, and leaned into it with elbow grease. Now it will have much better water clearing.

A 17 year old daily driver is never going to have perfect paint, but for its age, it still looks pretty good.

In a couple of weeks I will wash it again, and then apply a coat of carnauba wax. And it will be good enough for another year. I will also then do an interior detail.

Washing the Dogs

Spring has sprung, and we are consistently getting weather in the upper 70’s, and the dogs were stinky. So, much to their dismay, they were corralled in the back yard, and bathed. They were not happy, but they are both clean and smell better now.

I, on the other hand am exhausted. A busy day.

Tomorrow, back to work.

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