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It is Tuesday Morning, May 3rd, and I am up early, as is the custom. Alas, the bed in the guest bedroom here is cruel and inhuman, and makes the sleep period a trial.

Last night, the memorial service happened, and it was … wonderful. A great, warm sharing of memories, some tears, good food, great family, and my brother didn’t capsize his boat as they were spreading my dad’s ashes.

I was even able to relate a couple of stories.

This morning will be laid back, and we will drop in at a local Breakfast spot, “Breakfast Republic” for a hearty repast.

Then we will be packing as we prepare to drive to the next stop on our road trip this week, Pismo Beach.

We could just bomb up the 5 to US101, and then get there in about 4 hours.

But instead, we will turn off of I5 at Dana Point, and take the PCH route up. Sure, it is farther, and less efficient. But I have never done the SoCal stretch, and while I somewhat dread the LA stretch, I am sure that mid day on a weekday will be about as good as it can be.

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