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This is my third full day here, and I have been out and around a bunch. I have some observations to share in the era of COVID.

Sunday, I needed to go to the local grocery store (Ralph’s). Apparently, patrons are no longer required to wear face masks. I wore mine, force of habit. And since my in-law’s both got breakthrough Covid cases (fully vaccinated with Moderna) and were pretty sick (although not really at risk for hospitalization, it was “really bad cold” level sick) I will continue to wear my mask. At Ralph’s I wasn’t the only person wearing a mask, but I would say it was less than 5%.

Yesterday, we went to lunch and a local Asian grocer. Only the staff at the restaurant was masked. I guess that was OK, it wasn’t that busy. At the Asian market, there was a sign saying that masks were required, regardless of vaccination status. There about 95% of people were masked.

I guess the weirdest thing is that my brother didn’t bother to bring a mask with.

It is WARM here. I forgot that late November is still shorts weather. But it is. It was 80+F on Sunday and Monday. Today (Tuesday) it is overcast and in the upper 60’s, a cold snap. Good thing I brought a fleece to wear…

Drivers here are awful. Sure, you expect freeways to be packed with assholes in LA, but San Diego is a tonier population, and one would expect them to be more sane.


Yesterday, I watched someone in a brand new Ferrari (still had the temporary tags on it) cut across three lanes of traffic to make a left turn, almost creamed by a ratty giant SUV. I swear cars also come without the optional turn signals, because the number of lane changes and right turns that are unsignaled is practically 100%. It is like everybody is driving an Audi.

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